Radicava Now Available, Offering Real Hope to ALS Patients


This segment from CBS Boston is sharing the good news that the FDA-approved drug Radicava, used for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), is now available for patients in the U.S.

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The breakthrough drug has been found to slow down the progression of ALS by up to a third in clinical trials in Japan and although best taken when first diagnosed, the drug can be prescribed at any point in the disease.

Radicava offers a real lifeline to people suffering from ALS and their families, as the extended life expectancy means they can spend more time with their loved ones. This is the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of ALS in more than two decades.

Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed with ALS and someone dies from the disease. Radicava will help to preserve muscle function for longer, allowing patients to continue with their lives for longer.

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  1. Celeste Lamosse says:

    Why are we re-running this clip? Radicava availability was touted much too early. Very few people are actually receiving it. My PALS has been literally waiting MONTHS , he has done all the paperwork and endured endless delays from the insurance company, suppliers and doctors. Time is so precious to the PALS , this has been a cruel joke as far as availability goes. When I click on your link that says 700 infusion centers, it doesn’t show where they are ….just leads to more endless pap. Please remove anything on Radicava until its actually realistically available. Even though we jump through the hoops are having a hideous time actually getting it.

  2. Peter Byrne says:

    Maybe change headline to ‘Radicava Now Available, the Manufacturer Offering Real Hope to Mega Rich ALS Patients…only.’

  3. BK says:

    I am not sure if it is hope or making the life of PALS more difficult. I know several PALS denied to get RADICAVA due to the conditions impose by insurance. I am hopping they can understand the emotions of the people suffering from this cruel disease to give them little hope by not imposing the strict conditions which have no meanings for PALS. e.g. the FVC should be > 80% which even not a normal person can have.
    Hopping for a cure. Love to all PALS

  4. Stacy Quinn says:

    It’s now half way thru October, we live in Houston and have money, 2 insurances coverages, transportation to any of 12 infusion sites, and yet STILL do not have access to this drug for my husband with ALS. We have been involved with the best ALS doctors in the medical center and they are still in committee meeting trying to figure out cost. Last months excuses were about pharmacy distribution concerns. I am concerned that a generation of ALS patients alive today (with or without money) will not get any benefits from this drug despite the quick work from FDA in approving it. Maybe if any you are diagnosed in the next few years, you can get it…

    • Melissa V Ulrich says:

      My husband was diagnosed with ALS as well. We live in LOVELL Wyo….population 2,200….
      He just finished his first 14 day infusion course.
      I can’t understand why you are having problems….. your husband should have been approved and well on his way with the infusions.
      It frustrates me when Dr’s or insurance agency’s can’t get it through their head that WE DON’T HAVE TIME to be jumping through all their dumb loopholes!!!
      Dr Hoffman is our Dr and he’s the one that got the treatments going. If you want i can give you his office # and maybe they can tell you the what procedure they went through to get it approved so quickly?
      Medicare pays for the medicine itself and Medicaid pays for the procedure so our cost thank god is $0. Before insurance though the cost is $147,000 a year….ridiculous!
      Anyway I hope you find this helpful. My # is 406 690 1803 and my name is Melissa if you would like our Dr’s office number.
      I pray you have already started the treatment but if not I will do anything in my power to try and help you. Don’t give up hope. Prayers are with you

    • sal says:

      I am in ny and going through similar situation.
      Searchlight giving me the run around and the infusion center not helping either.

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