Soccer Coach Mom Talks About Living With ALS


This heartfelt video from the ALS Association Texas chapter is all about Christi. The young mother from Tyler, Texas is still coming to terms with her recent amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) diagnosis and wonders if she would have lived her life differently had she known what the future had in store for her.

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Christi explains how she draws strength from her faith, her friends and family. She talks candidly about her time as her children’s soccer coach and laments on how much she misses being active — running, skiing, playing soccer. If she could relive her life, would she have skied more, ran more…? Christi plans on spending each day doing as much as she possibly can, while she still can.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I’m wondering how exactly people with ALS draw strength from their ‘faith.’
    Does having faith mean that a deity will save them in some way that would not happen to non-believers?
    Does having faith mean that ‘God’ has a purpose in allowing a person to become a pALS ?
    Those persons with a close relationship with God might ask him to reveal to us all why he has visited ALS on hundreds of thousands of people over the last two centuries but does not appear to do anything about their suffering, and whereby both believers and non-believers end up suffering the very same eventual fate.

    One of the most outspoken pALS NON-believers in God is Dr.Stephen Hawking who has somehow beaten the averages and lived with ALS for over 50 years.
    It would appear that contrary to what Einstein claimed, God does indeed play dice with the (ALS) universe.

  2. Charlie says:

    Would it not be more productive for pALS to ‘draw strength’ from their faith in Science and its laudable efforts to solve the ALS puzzle?
    A lot of fascinating and high-tech work is going on hundreds research labs around the world to find a way to stop ALS in its tracks, whereas ‘God’ appears profoundly disinterested.

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