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  • What is the “Look” of ALS?

    Posted by Dagmar on April 16, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    When you look at the photo above, which woman has ALS? Is it the one on the left, or the right? Or both?

    A column I wrote nearly two years ago discussing the image that we hold in our minds; or the “look” of ALS, generated a lot of reader comments. Some thought the woman in the wheelchair looked too happy and healthy to be dealing with ALS. I suggested that the woman on the left had ALS and was visiting her friend who happened to be in a wheelchair due to a recent injury or surgery.

    Granted, images of happy ALS patients don’t help raise dollars for research and treatments. But videos of ALS-affected football players, celebrities and sad faces do.

    Should we show more diversity in ages, gender and nationality? Does the public image of ALS affect your ability to remain positive and active? Do we need to change the “look” of ALS?

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