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  • “ALS 101” – Videos to Help Understand and Manage Your ALS

    Posted by Dagmar on August 19, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Although no two journeys are the same with ALS, we do share a common experience: immediately following our diagnosis we felt lost and searched for quality information to help us successfully navigate living the disease.

    Now, thanks to the ALSFinding a Cure® Foundationwe have our wish. Their eight-part video series is almost like attending that fantasy class, perhaps an “Orientation to ALS” or “ALS 101.”

    Access the videos HERE

    These short films include interviews with ALS patients, their caregivers and family along with the ALS experts from Massachusetts General Hospital.

    While individual videos address the typical ALS-related topics of relationships, nutrition, mobility, hygiene, breathing and communication, I especially appreciated the inclusion of a new topic: Leaning In. This video presents the concept of being proactive about the disease; to learn, to plan, to stay true to one’s self and to embrace each stage with a positive attitude.

    Has watching these videos helped you? What other topics would you like to see addressed?

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