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  • An important typo in the article about Gemin3

    Posted by Jean-Pierre Le Rouzic on February 6, 2020 at 3:44 pm


    In the article about Gemin3, there is an important mistake in a copy/past from the original article in Nature reports.
    What is written in the ALSNewsToday article is that “Problems with the TPD-43 protein have been identified in around 5% of familial ALS, and fewer than 1% of sporadic ALS cases.”
    This is very false as on contrary TDP-43 is involved in more than 90% of sporadic ALS cases.

    The original text was:
    ” We wished to investigate whether a functional interaction also extends to Gemin3 and ALS-linked TDP-43. Missense mutations in this protein have been identified in 5% of familial and <1% of sporadic ALS cases.

    So somehow the end of the previous sentence was included in the copy/paste and the begining of the sentence (misssense mutations) was removed in the copy/past.


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