• Posted by Dagmar on September 26, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Deciding to using a rollator can be a difficult transition. Not only is it an emotional decision, but a financial one as well. A walking cane isn’t always noticed by others. A rollator is.

    Once we get beyond our ego’s aversion to a rollator and fully accept our diagnosis, the next decision is usually, which one to purchase?

    People with a wide variety of conditions all use rollators, but not all models work well for those with ALS. Avoiding falls is our number one priority so lightweight, cheap drugstore models can’t be counted on to stop us from tipping over. I suggest choosing a model that feels sturdy, has a wider base, quality parts and BIG wheels.

    A rollator fitted with eight-inch wheels can take on lumpy grass, gravel parking lots and cracked cement ramps with the ease of an all-terrain vehicle. Big wheels don’t get caught in brick walkways and they stay locked-down better than small ones.

    Plus, your mindset should be that you want to keep upright and walking (with assistance) for as long as possible. I’ve been relying on a rollator for the past 8 years – – the model Nitro made by Drive is serving me well.

    What brand do you use and/or recommend? Do you have questions about buying or using a rollator? Are you still on the line about even buying one? I look forward to reading your comments.

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