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  • Avoiding Scams & Sham ALS Treatments

    Posted by Dagmar on March 10, 2020 at 5:22 pm

    We have many forum members who are newly diagnosed pALS/fALS, and are experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions; ranging from shock, anger, sadness and fear. I remember having those same feelings too, in addition to the panic of wondering, “How do I get rid of this ALS?”

    Our panic thinking often leads to an intense search of the Internet looking for answers to: what are others doing, what’s new, and what can I do that my doctor isn’t telling me about?

    Suddenly we’re down the rabbit hole of spammers, scammers and sham treatments. Diet regimens, long list of supplements and woo-woo therapies abound – – but in reality, none have produced a cure for ALS. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. It’s best to take a get a grip, step back from the computer and take a deep breath!

    Here’s a good online resource for the status of various alternative treatments: ALS Untangled

    And I’ll offer my tongue-in-cheek look at so-called ALS cures: Auntie A. Ellis Gets Cured!

    If you are thinking about trying a questionable treatment, ask our forum members first – – post questions and check replies. Among our many members we have a depth of experience and knowledge. We can help you sort your way from being newly diagnosed to feeling confident in your choices (and your doctor’s choices) to go forward and live with ALS.

    What alternative therapy treatments, diets, etc. have you been wondering about? Let’s discuss them here.

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