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    Posted by Amanda on March 18, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    In the past month we have more stressors come our way. How are you dealing with the added stress? It is important for caregivers of pALS and pALS alike to take steps to help promote good mental health. Asking for help is often difficult even when we know other’s are willing and have the desire to help.  A recent study discusses how AI is helping identify caregivers who need more support. This will in turn help doctors and community agencies to step in and provide help which will increase the quality of life for all involved. Check out the article

    How do you know when you need extra support? Do you reach out before you hit the burnout point? Do you know what resources are available to you in your area? if not, let us know and maybe some forum members have some ideas, suggestions and tips.

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