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  • Cellular reprogramming of motor-neurons and its clinical application.

    Posted by Jean-Pierre Le Rouzic on April 8, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    Several studies have shown that it is possible to create new motor-neurons in the laboratory.

    Perhaps one of the most famous was the replication of the connection between the motor-neuron and the muscle cell:

    Fortunately this kind of work has continue to be studied at MIT with more encouraging results.

    Rapid advances in the field of cellular reprogramming have created a new paradigm for regenerative medicine. Direct reprogramming provides a feasible method to generate cells in vitro for biological studies, tissue engineering or transplantation. Moreover, the application of direct reprogramming in vivo provides an exciting regenerative strategy to reprogram and repurpose endogenous cells within damaged tissues.

    In this article scientists discuss how recent work has demonstrated the exciting application of direct reprogramming to stimulate regeneration in vivo, providing an alternative approach to transplantation of donor cells. They also also discuss the potential of in vivo reprogramming in regenerative medicine, the challenges and potential solutions to translate this technology to the clinic.


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