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  • Feeling a little “slow” lately?

    Posted by Dagmar on June 7, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    If you have ALS, you probably feel your life slowing down – – and you’re not alone with that symptom.  Moving, eating, and talking more slowly, and feeling fatigued are common symptoms for people living with ALS.

    During my first year of living with ALS, I tried to match the productivity levels of my previous zippy self. I’d throw myself into the day, expecting to accomplish many things, but I always ended up utterly exhausted by early afternoon. My feet felt like cement blocks, and my brain was burned out. Finally, I learned to embrace my “new normal.”

    In this column, I share tips on how to get things done, even on the “slow lane days.”

    Do you feel like you’re in the slow lane? What is helping you to feel better and accommodate this frustrating ALS symptom?

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