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  • How do you avoid distractions and negative thinking?

    Posted by Dagmar on August 25, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    As if being diagnosed with, and living with ALS aren’t enough to distract our minds… now, we’ve had to contend with a pandemic too. Ten years ago, when I received my diagnosis, I left my doctor’s office imagining an expiration date had been stamped on my forehead. I put my life on hold and parked my mind in my own ALS waiting room. One mind-body technique that helped me was practicing mindfulness – – it became a valuable coping strategy that helped me push back my mental walls of ALS and continue to engage in life. Especially now; now that we’re in the midst of a global crisis.

    In this week’s column, I write about my experiences conquering distracted thinking: Getting Back to the Basics of Mindfulness.

    Have you tried mindfulness? What other mind-body techniques are you using to help the reduce stresses of living with ALS?

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