• John Russell

    September 12, 2019 at 8:53 am

    Just read Rick’s article on obtaining his Medicare approved chair. I’m following a similar path. I can still reposition and ambulate slowly using crutches or a walker but I’ve begun year 6 and know this will change. Last year I found a chair from Jazzy called a Jazzy Air on sale at a great price. Like Rick, I am over 6 ft. This is a chair for tall folks and I was able to get it with a 19 inch seat depth. It’s called “air” because it rises 10″ at the touch of a button. I love to be face to face in a group and to be able to reach things that are high.  This is OK now but after several hours I need to get out of it.  I intend to donate it to MDA or the ALS Assn. when I can no longer use it.

    My questions are when is the right time to begin getting a Medicare ALS appropriate chair and also do you have to work with a nearby medical equipment supplier.  I have looked at Permobil chairs and they are what I want as they do everything Rick describes and are quite compact. It seems like they will work through Medicare with you. Does anyone have experience either with Permobil or a particular manufacturer rather than a general supplier of durable medical equipment?

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