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      I thought I might ask the doctor to test me for Lyme disease. I was reading online Lyme Disease has a lot of the same symptoms of ALS, and sometimes there is a misdiagnosis. Living out here in the country I have had a lot of those tick bites with red circles around them over the years.

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      Jane Kriskey

      My daughter was tested for Lyme,as we live in the country also and she was bitten a few times but got treated immediately, They did the test twice but as hopeful as we were it was not Lyme, but I cannot hurt to get tested. I have several friends with Lyme and one was almost a vegetable when he found a specialist inLyme and within six months he was walking again and running and almost back to normal. Another, had many physical issues and found it was Lyme, but in her system for so many years she will never be 100 pr cent herself but she is now functioning and has some bad times but without this diagnosis of Lyme, who knows where she would be.

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      Giselle Vargas

      Walter, I would definitely gets Lyme test. Why not? It can’t hurt and may help you. Let us know what you decide to do. Stay strong!

      best wishes,


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      Thank you Giselle. I asked my doctor on my visit last week if he thought I might have Lyme disease, and he said no he didn’t think it was Lyme disease. He said Lyme disease didn’t affect the nervous system, but I thought I read that it did.  Maybe I should have insisted on being tested anyway. It would not have hurt to be tested to be sure I don’t have Lyme disease.

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