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      I’ve been taking it for about 4 -5 years.  I had a little sadness episodes awhile back, and it has helped me with that I think. It is a strange drug. Since using it I have been laughing a lot, but not uncontrollably.  Better to laugh than to cry.  I balances me out it seems.  Now, for the best part.  I decided to take only 1 per day instead of 2.  What a difference!  I’ve had a major reduction in saliva and feel better too.  I always try to take the minimum dose for a good effect.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Thank you Kasper for sharing your experience with Nuedexta. I’m glad you’ve found it helpful.

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      Romolo Pallini

      I take Neudexta 2 a day. Helps speech and salivation. Seems to level emotions, thus allowing to talk without fear to not been understood.

      i stopped for one week to verify if was really Neudexta helping or a change in symptoms…..huge difference!

      is expensive but works.

      ps: at the Neudexta web site i was able to find a coupon that lowered dramatically the price. CVS was able to apply it several months.

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      I, too am taking Neudexta and also stopped for about a week to test the difference.  It helps me best with my emotional crying spells, I think.  I was hoping for help with my swallowing and speaking, but don’t really see a difference in those areas. I have noticed more saliva….is this normal?  I may have to try one a day instead of 2.

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      Hi Nicol, I had more saliva when taking 2 per day than now taking 1 per day.  I had many wet/dry fluctuations than I do now.  My swallowing is ok but not great.  I am careful with what I eat and drink.  I don’t think Nuedexta has much effect on that other than being too wet or dry in the mouth and throat.  I can say the same for speech.  This is my experience with it.  Take Care.

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