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  • My Strategy to Find Balance in an Unbalanced Life

    Posted by Dagmar on October 20, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Because so many of our new members to this forum have either been newly diagnosed or, are navigating their first year living with ALS – – I’m sharing this link to a column I wrote this week: How to Find Balance in an Unbalanced Life. In it, I write about a strategy that helped me when my life was upended by a diagnosis of ALS.

    Likewise, this strategy helps anyone, in any year of living with ALS. We all can hit those moments of feeling stuck, or in need of motivation to make sense of our days and life.

    Rather than picking apart the details of each day, conversation, or interaction, I step back and look at the big picture. I look at the five dimensions of my life and how well, or not, I am keeping them in balance.

    For example, this week I know I’m not tending to my Emotional dimension: there’s too much negative news, a too-long to-do list, and too high of expectations for making every minute count. So, I’ve decided to give myself more emotional self-care: to carve out (and actually schedule!) time to watch a funny video or listen to an audio-book.

    After reading about my strategy, I invite you to share which dimension or dimensions are out of balance for you. And what ideas you have to help bring them back in balance. No ideas at all? Tell us what you’re struggling with so our members can offer you suggestions.

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