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  • Resources to Help Prepare for a Hospital Visit or an Emergency

    Posted by Dagmar on June 8, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Anytime a medical emergency happens, and the patient has ALS, it’s not only important to get to the emergency department (ED) quickly but also to ensure the ED staff understands what particular considerations an ALS patient needs. And it’s especially important during this time of COVID-19.

    The ALS Association has created some tools that may assist you in communicating your needs to others:

    These signs and other tools can be downloaded at

    • This Social Distancing sign can be put up in your home to inform visitors of any precautions you are taking.
    • This Hospital Communication sign is for those who need to be admitted to the hospital and are unable to bring a loved one with them. This sign quickly informs any medical staff of your needs and restrictions you may have.
    • ALS EMT/Emergency Room Information is a single-page document to print and put in your “to go” bag. From the Sacramento chapter of the ALS Association:

     Have you had a recent hospital stay during the COVID-19 crisis? What additional suggestions do you have for others to be better prepared? If you are a caregiver, what did you do to help your pALS?

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