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      Do you take medication/s or supplements to help with cramps or facilitations? Did you take anything prior to your ALS diagnosis? Do you notice any improvements?

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      Charlie Horses (cramps) got very bad. A friend told me to take magnesium and they got a little better, so they would let go easier. When I talked to the Neuro he gave me Baclofen. The combination cut the cramps back to almost nothing, but they are a part of spasticity, which I still experience symptoms of.

      Radicava makes my fasciculations ease up some, mostly in my upper limbs and torso, which are cervical and thoracic symptoms. It does not seem to ease up the lower limb or facial fasciculations though.

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      Susan guarcello

      I take CBD and THC combo. In a 5 to 1 ratio. 10 mg CBD 2 mg THC   I take it sublingual. I live in FL. So you can obtain this legally. First you go to an MD that can refer you to the state to apply for a card. In the past I had excruciating cramps that lasted several minutes. Now my cramps are much less intense. Last very short period and less frequent. It also helps my anxiety. Each individual has to try different doses but this is the best formula for me. I think you live in FL. Too Amanda so would not be hard for you to get. It’s all very professional.

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