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  • ALS is No Laughing Matter but a Little Humor Helps

    Posted by Dagmar on May 24, 2019 at 11:26 am

    Having ALS is certainly no laughing matter, but I’ve found that living with it can give rise to many humorous moments. Most of my “laugh out loud” episodes are the result of misunderstood conversations, encounters with Murphy’s Law, or while attempting to open “tamper-proof” pill bottles.

    Initially, I found humor in the absurdity of my situation – – “Me” a wellness professional who used to ballroom dance with ease;  now dealing with doors not opening, jar lids screwed on too tight, and feet that mimicked Frankenstein’s clumsy movements.

    Eventually I realized we all share similar challenges with life’s twists and turns – – and humor can be found anywhere.

    Is having a sense of humor helpful for you when dealing with the challenges of ALS?  Let’s share a laugh together: What are some of your own funny ALS-humor moments?


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