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      Does anyone have any recommendations for good “mid level” technical reference on ALS neurological principles / pathways? Something substantially more detailed than the introductory-type material on ALS news today or IAMALS “What is ALS” web pages but not as esoteric as ALS scientific research papers?

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      Not sure if I understand the question correctly but I thought that the videos of everythingals on Youtube are quite interesting. A lot of research but also some theories on the cause are available.

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      I wrote a book on ALS research in 2019 and I tried to update it every few months.
      My last update was in March, after the Arimoclomol fiasco.
      I waited to have more results, wrote to Amylyx, but did not receive any other information than what the press had.

      The title of my book is “Status of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research: From stopping the disease to restoring the motor function.”
      You can find it on Amazon ($19) and a few other places.

      I’m not sure most of the research on ALS is really relevant. Other than a few really smart guys like JP Julien or Brian Kaspar, I think there are really few scientists who really think hard about the problem. Most molecular biologists look to me like middle-aged scholars who discussed at length how many angels can stand on the end of a pin. There are nearly no research on muscle wasting.

      My personal opinion (which unfortunately changes every week) is that the best option for pALS is to put a lot of attention on how much and what you eat. A pALS needs more calories than the same person when they were healthy, and indeed eating is something much more complicated when you become a pALS.

      It used to have a calorie calculator at Kentuky university but it does not work anymore. Harvard did develop a ALS calorie calculator apps for Android and Apple.
      I also developed an ALS calorie calculator with the same assumptions (the work of Dr Kasarskis). It’s available on my web site padiracinnovation.org

      A very concise version is: Stay at a BMI of 27 with healthy food.

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      Peter Powell

      Hi Shawn ,not sure if this is what you are after, however I stumbled upon a magazine in the Flipboard app, titled biology.

      There are many articles covering much more than ALS, however I found some interesting once’s referencing ALS. Most of the articles seem to come from “ Quantum” magazine.

      These are not articles updating trials, but does provide an insight into what world biologists are focussing on and their particular studies and findings. Hope it helps

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      https:/ /neuromuscular.wustl.edu/synmot.  html

      https:/ /www. tandfonline.com/toc/iafd19/current

      https:/ /www. neurologylive.com/view/an-overview-of-causes-and-risk-factors-for-als

      https:/ /worldneurologyonline. com/?s=gold+coast+criteria

      Fill in the spaces.  These should help some.

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      Peter Powell

      Sorry,it’s “Quanta” magazine

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