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      I’m an ALS patient who lives alone. This past weekend I fell down in my bedroom. I wasn’t hurt but couldn’t get up due to weakness in my legs and arms. Luckily I keep a phone on the floor just in case of such an occurrence. I was able to call 911 and the fire department came out and put me upright.

      I’m thinking about getting some amazon echo dots to put around the house. My understanding is that with these devices you can use voice commands to have the device make phone calls, by saying Alexa call so and so. I understand that Alexa cannot call 911 for reasons I don’t understand, but you can program it to call family, friends and neighbors.

      I’m wondering if anyone uses these echo devices to make phone calls and does it work well

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      Dagmar Munn

      Tom – – I’m so sorry about your fall. Good for you, in having a phone on the floor “just in case.” I think your idea of having a few Dots around the house is great! Yes, they won’t call 911…. but calling a friend or a neighbor would be so helpful. (of course, let the friend or neighbor know that they are on your call list 🙂 ).

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      Marianne Opilla

      A life alert system works great. You wear it and push a button. Im not sure Alexa would understand me as Siri doesn’t.  My local ALS chapter and my ALS team have a technology people who come out for free to evaluate things like that and give suggestions.  I think since COVID they might do the home visit by zoom.


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      Sorry to hear about your fall, one of my biggest fears.

      My Alexa dots can’t understand me so I am not able to use them to make any phone calls. I use an app on my phone, Text to Speech, to tell Alexa what I need, but that doesn’t help if you don’t have your phone. I am also able to use a text feature in the Alexa app, again using my phone, to let my husband know that I need him to come help me. It is set up to broadcast to all the dots in the house and garage.

      I purchased an Apple Watch a year ago . If I fall and don’t stop it in a specified amount time (can’t remember how long it is) the phone app will send emergency services to my location and notify the people I have listed as emergency contacts. I listed my husband and also my daughter who lives 3 houses down the road. This has given me some peace of mind when I am alone no matter where I am.

      Not sure if this helps.

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      I use an IWATCH. Had to call out once. Also have a digital front door knob.

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      Mike Minardi

      I would recommend getting a Philips Lifeline. It has fall detection and if you fall, a Lifeline operator will come on quickly and ask you if you need help. If you are unable to answer, Lifeline will automatically contact 911 and EMS will come to your home and you can designate friends to get a call at the same time.

      The other thing Lifeline offers is a key lockbox which you can keep on your front door so that your friends or EMA can unlock your door.

      Alexa / Amazon Echo is a nice back-up, but I would encourage you to look at a Philips Lifeline service. If you were to become unconscious, Alexa is not going to help.

      Stay safe

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