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      Perhaps the research dollars would be better spent on areas of research such as this, as well as on nano-mineral research.


      This research has implications for all neuro disease.

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      Dagmar Munn

      An interesting article!

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      Light bulbs are powered with alternating current at 60Hz in USA and some parts of Asia, and 50Hz in other parts of the world. It would not be hard to power them in 40Hz.
      A device powering small power LEDs is available on Amazon.

      It seems also that it works to some extend with sounds, there is a good recap here.

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      Cognito Therapeutics has delivered clinical data from its digital treatment for patients with Alzheimer’s disease—which relies on light and sound to stimulate specific electrical frequencies in the brain’s neurons—showing it helped improve memory and cognition as well as physical symptoms.

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      Dagmar Munn

      They seem to be making great strides with Alzheimer’s disease. Improving memory and cognition is something we all can benefit from.

      We just have to wait for them to discover how to prevent motor neurons from dying – – and creating new ones to replace those that are gone. Hopefully soon.


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      Thanks Dagmar,

      About “dying motor neurons” something that intrigues me is that when we sleep or more precisely when we are in the (Rapid eye movement) REM phase of sleep, our motor neurons are inhibited. This state is named “REM atonia” but casually called “sleep paralysis”.
      At beginning of neurodegenerescence there are disturbances of REM phases that usually precede years before the first symptom of these diseases. This is observed in Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies,  multiple system atrophy,  Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, etc.
      Maybe that far from being an epiphenomenon, those disturbances are central to ALS’ etiology.
      So maybe a cure for ALS will involve something different from a molecular drug, something that may “control” (as diabetes smart pumps) or “reeducate” our brain like those 40Hz tones and flashes described above.


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      ‘something different from a molecular drug’ .  Unlimited research is the key to success.

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      Steve Gillan

      Just a note on the 40HZ gamma waves.  I have been playing the 40Hz for my wife for 3 weeks now.  I am working with a foreign scientific group on alternatives. This was their recommendation to me today;

      <b><i>We don’t agree with you by using 40 HZ gamma waves for ALS disease </i></b>as we have a biophysicist in our team who knows perfectly PEMF waves in therapeutic as he worked 20 years on that topic with bio-electricity. This “Gamma” frequency is use for recent traumas or wounds, or fractures (anti-inflammatory) . That high frequency is going to stress her more and make her tired depending of the amplitude used. <b><i>We will prefer “alpha waves” with a frequency between 8 and 12 Hz to de-stress her and also stimulates a slow regeneration.”</i></b>

      I am searching for anything….

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      A new international clinical trial is starting with implantable devices that administrate infrared light in the mid-brain of Parkinson patients.
      I blogged about it here:

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      Late to the conversation,

      ALS impact?

      but if light and sound at 40 hz can help with clearing the brain of aggregated proteins,   why not change the refresh rate on our computers to 40 hz

      Noticed no difference in performance of the computer, but since we spend so much time on the computer, maybe of some good?

      Anyway, it is easy and free so why not?

      Don’t think it is living dangerously.

      Then, I hope if the right hz frequency since you can’t know for sure without test equipment, I upped the base and play 40 hz tones found online while we listen to music and watch tv.

      We can hear it and feel it which is good.

      So combining light via the computer screen refresh rate, sound via tones, and physical vibration with pushing up the sub woofer.

      Again free and probably not harmful. Since we are polluted with 60 hz lights via North American energy systems, cell phone tower radiation and wireless devices.

      Side note, at night we turn off all devices and Earth, or Ground via a wire mesh in our bed. Who knows right? I will try anything. Especially if it is free.




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