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    Posted by Amanda on March 25, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Good morning! I was reflecting on my experience with my father and several other family members who had/have ALS. Because of the hereditary link to ALS in my family, we have many connections with groups, doctors and other resources. We were very fortunate to have been involved with the St. Louis Chapter of the ALS Association. I have several cousins who work and volunteered with the Association. I think my family had connections because so many family members had/have ALS. We leaned heavily on the ALS Association and eventually Hospice. Are you finding the support you need? I’m familiar with the organizations in the Gulf Region and in Missouri, but I was hoping you could share information about the support, services and agencies that you have found in the areas that you live.

    Dagmar replied 5 years, 3 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Jim Gregory

    April 4, 2019 at 11:21 pm

    I Am An ALS Care Giver

    MY wife, Kathy, was diagnosed with ALS on February 2, 2018. Her problems started 6 months earlier in August, 2017 with hoarseness followed by slurring of speech 2-3 weeks later.

    We have run the gambit as everyone else has who has been diagnosed with ALS, or any other MND, in living with and hoping to find a cure, while dealing with the daily support and care of our loved ones.

    I am hoping to connect with other caregivers to share ideas, problems, and solutions.


  • Dagmar

    April 5, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    Welcome Jim! And welcome to all the other caregivers who joined our forum!

    We encourage you to use this space to post your questions, share ideas and your experiences. Let’s connect and help each other.

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