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      Pepper de Callier

      I recently fell. I was not in my home.  I could not get up and was basically immobile.  My mouth was filling up with saliva and phlegm which I could not expel.  Finally someone came to my rescue.

      Is there a device that can summon help, when you cannot speak to emergency services and are not able to text?

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      Elaine Clark

      The i phone has an emergency alert system that can be activated by only holding the side buttons. Not only will it summon 911 but will contact your emergency contacts.

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        Pepper de Callier

        Thank you, Elaine.  I’ll look into that.  Pepper

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      Marianne Opilla

      Pepper, I am sorry this happened to you.  It must have been scary.

      I don’t have the strength to push the iPhone buttons.  we have purchased some alert gadgets from Amazon but returned them.  Unfortunately I don’t go anywhere alone, since I am helpless.   There are medical alert systems you can purchase, but not sure how far they extend.

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        Pepper de Callier

        Thank you, Marianne.  Yes, it was a bit scary, but it taught me that I shouldn’t be going anywhere alone.  Best–Pepper

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      Susan guarcello

      I have an Apple Watch. It senses if you fall and puts the ball in motion. It signals 911 and your emergency contacts. You can wear the watch in the shower or tub.


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      I have the same as Susan….the newer Apple Watches have fall detection.  I have the one that has to stay within bluetooth range of my cell phone.  There is a more expensive model that is basically it’s own cell phone.  It’s given my husband peace of mind since I can still walk short distances and am home alone throughout the day.

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      Hi Pepper,  I use a fall sensor medical device, which is worn around my neck and can be worn in the shower and also can be activated with a button. What I like best is, it’s a GPS device which immediately identifies where I am whether home or away.  When I signed up I gave the company contact information. I’m sure, since you are unable to speak that your instructions could be to automatically call 911 as well as your support team. You do not need a cell phone to use this device. It’s programmed to use either Verizon or AT&T.  Blessings, Mike

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