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      Nancy L Worden

      I recently spent a couple days in the hospital getting some tests that I didn’t need. While I was there an occupational therapist came to see me. Afterwards I decided I would try to find my former OT who was laid off about 18 months ago from the clinic where I used to see her. Through the PT network I found her phone number and she agreed to work with me remotely. The exercises I had been doing were strengthening my arms but not fixing the problem with overactive supronator muscles. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do next.

      Carol asked me to send her movies from my phone of me eating and writing. After viewing the movies she was able to make recommendations on what exercises I should be doing. I started those  two weeks ago and I am starting to see my pronator muscles getting stronger. She gave me only three exercises and one of them is a thinking exercise with a target. The target is something that I love and it lives on the table where I do my exercises. I look at the target while I’m doing arm sweeps and then I have an exercise where I just look at the target and visualize picking it up. I’m using a little ceramic sculpture that my daughter made in elementary school as my target.

      While the stay in place order has been frustrating, I have to say that taking this time to focus on physical issues has been a godsend. I am normally moving at such a velocity that taking care of myself is often an afterthought. I am not accomplishing the work that I normally do but I’m accomplishing something else. I have a better understanding of what my body needs at this point in time and the time to make it happen. Thank you, Dagmar, for reminding me to do my sit to stand exercises. Carol recommends that I look up when I’m doing them.


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      Thank you for sharing your positive spin on the quarantine. It is wonderful that you were able to work with your previous OT.  I know for many  this social distancing is unmotivating and depressing. It is encouraging to hear about our community members turning a less desirable situation and making it into something productive.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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