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  • How We’ll Find That Perfect Ending to Our ALS Story

    Posted by Dagmar on April 27, 2021 at 12:19 pm

    In my column this week, I shared a parable about a town whose inhabitants experienced a “stump-the-experts” health problem – – and how they resolved it. You can read it here: How We’ll Find That Perfect Ending to the ALS Story

    We hope that our “ALS story” will have a perfect ending, too. It can. It will. But how soon depends on everyone’s participation. And the perfect time to start is May, when it’s ALS Awareness Month.

    A sneak preview for our members:
    At ALS News Today, we’re planning a few exciting activities to help promote ALS Awareness Month. For example, I’m helping to highlight several of our members in the ALS News Today Forums. We’re even planning a Zoom “Meet & Greet” for our forum members and a special “IG Live” event at the end of the month. Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages every day for announcements.

    What’s holding you back?
    Although I’m still amazed when I encounter well-meaning friends who, when they learn that I have ALS, ask, “Why can’t they fix that?” I know that opportunities to raise awareness are everywhere. Simple conversations happen all the time. This May I’ll be sharing my story, the story about the current state of ALS, and I invite you to do the same.

    Are you comfortable talking to friends and strangers about your ALS? How about asking them for their support or donation to ALS groups? What is holding you back? Lack of resources, knowledge about ALS or, are you embarrassed to bring it up? We are here to support each other – – so, tell us what would help you.

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