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  • Posting a photo & tips on editing your post in our forums

    Posted by Dagmar on June 18, 2019 at 10:58 am


    Forum members are often surprised to learn that they cannot add a personal photo to their message, topic or reply – – like what can be done on Facebook or in personal emails.

    This is due to a forum policy that is based on security issues. For example, personal photos may have spam inks, or members may be using copyright photos without receiving appropriate permission from the owner.

    Although we do want to encourage discussion and friendship among our members; it has to happen without personal photos. If however, you feel a photo is essential to your post, please message either forum moderator:  Amanda or Dagmar for advice.


    Another unique feature of our forums is the time limit set to editing your message, topic or reply. Again, this is due to security issues.

    Please note that before you hit the “submit” button, you should take a moment and proofread what you typed. Now is the time to edit, change or check for errors. Once you “submit” you have 5-minutes to still go back and edit/change.

    Additionally, it’s always a good idea to save a local (ie., in your computer’s document files) copy of your post; especially if it is a long post – – just in case of any technical issues or saving errors.

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