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    Posted by Amanda on September 8, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Covid has brought a great deal of attention to some racial inequalities, including in healthcare. An African-American is more likely to die from COVID than a Caucasian American. Of course I started to wonder about ALS. I know that some risk factors include genetic mutations, military service and repeated trauma to the head and neck.  I didn’t recall seeing race as a risk factor.  The statistics indicate that people of Caucasian decent make up more than 75% of ALS cases. (different article had different percentages).  ALS is more common in males than females, and the average age of onset is in the 50s. I know there are always outliers and  stats get updated and vary on the sample.


    check out this website for more information.

    Did your doctor discuss any of the risk factors with you? Have you completed genetic testing?

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