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      Diana Belland

      Yes, I have tried cannabis-derived compounds but not to treat my ALS (diagnosis, 3/15/19).  I used medical cannabis for pain management following my spine fusion surgery, March 2018.   It worked beautifully to keep pain at a minimum and there were no side effects.

      I am very interested to learn more about cannabinoids as an optional treatment for ALS.  My first ALS clinic appointment is scheduled for April 15.   I will ask my doctor for more information.   Thanks for posting this article.

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      I was diagnosed Nov. 2015, shortly after I tried  cannabis for the first time in my life.  I was trying it to help with the anxiety I was experiencing at the time.  Since then I have read of the possible benefits when used in certain proportions of THC to CBD.  I am currently using an edible cannabis as well as CBD oil at night to help with the muscle cramping and sleeping.  I would love to see more studies on how cannabis may help with ALS.

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      John Russell

      I have tried CBD oil derived from hemp. After getting a card I have used 1:1 THC : CBD in Orange oil. I have notice little or no benefit. I think I become a bit lethargic from 1:1.

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      Dagmar Munn

      The study cited claims that cannabis can help  delay ALS progression and prolong survival – – but remember, this can only apply to animals; there have been no human studies as of yet. If you read to the end of the article there is an important quote:

      However, most of the studies that investigated the neuroprotective potential of these compounds in ALS were performed in animal models, whereas the few clinical trials that investigated cannabinoids-based medicines were focused only on the alleviation of ALS-related symptoms, not on the control of disease progression.

      From what I’ve read, cannabis can help alleviate spaciticy and is a relaxant. So, in Sheila’s and John’s comments above – – cannabis did work as a relaxant/pain relief. It does seem to offer benefits in these areas without the side-effects of traditional medication. However, for “delay of progression/prolong survival”…I would wait for the human trials.

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      I’ve tried once CBD flowers. It helps me with anxiety and depression.

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      Susan Hoerber

      At night I use CBD lotion on my feet and hands being a totally quadriplegic from ALS help me sleep and releasing me from having a painful night.

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      Katherine Hooks

      I have been taking CBD oil for 2 years. It helps me sleep. Also muscle cramps. Just be careful I was taking too much and I started having diarrhea. Remember Dagmar I told you about it. That’s what I found out. So I only take at night. Take care everyone.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Katherine, I’m so glad you discovered the cause of your gastro issues – – 🙂

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      I am having nausea. Which we thought was caused by medication but I have gone off everything that might cause nausea and still having it. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety

      I thought maybe marijuana gummies might help with the nausea. But hate to think of getting diarrhea.
      I think I have heard of chemotherapy patients using marijuana for nausea. Any ideas?

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      My wife uses weed butter (a high CBD/low THC flower infused into butter), and we’ve come to think of it as a medical necessity. The days she takes it versus the days she doesn’t are noticeable, and it greatly helps with her stiffness and spasticity

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      Chris Koch

      I’ve been taking cannabis infused chocolate at night and I feel it helps a lot. I sleep better and am not in so much pain. If I skip a night, it is very noticeable, I also take Tylenol at night to help with the pain. I use aa cannabis concentrate and blend with melting chocolate and pour into a candy mold allowing me to control the dosage. My current dose is 8 mg per chocolate piece.

      Three months ago I was taking 4 mg in the morning and 8 mg at night – I am now only taking it at night unless I have a lot of pain during the day.

      It seems to work for me.

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      I usually grow some cbd flowers at home. But my doc recommends using only medical cannabis by

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