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      Kim Gillespie

      I am reaching out to anyone that can answer the suggested food intake, amount of calories for assisting with weight maintenance.    I understand maintaining a good proportional weight is important but I have recently found some natural pathic suggestions have been KETOGENIC diet for ALS patients?  I would love to have input!

      Thank you for your time

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      Kim Gillespie

      Thank you for responding to this question. I have recommended exactly what you suggested except I did suggest MEDITERRANEN foods as they have a rich OMEGA-3 list of healthy foods, easy to swallow foods and foods that can be purred into a smoothie, The herbs and spices in the food directory are a lot of anti-fungal, anti- spasmodic etc. The green veggies and cruciferous veggies are a very healthy recommendation and its all natural and nothing OUT OF A BOX or CAN!

      A Practitioner recommended 3 detox approaches and an antiparasitic diet ( I did not say anything) but did ask why!

      In 1994 , I purchased a book called ENZYMES, The Fountain of Life ; The ENZYME approach published at that time centered on Diabetics and other diseases. MS was one but not much had been explored. This is my next “research” understanding the patterns of with ALS. SO thank you for your help and research link. I am happy to “pass this on” I did pass on the forum link but I don’t think either has joined.  Thank you again


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      Dan Pence

      Read chapter 9 in the China Study by Campbell.

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      Kathleen B (Katie)

      So it seems there is a MISSING reply between KimG 1 & 2 messages??  She responds positive & ‘following’ everything recommended—but I see nothing further.  Please explain and add in the response as. TY!

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      Dagmar Munn

      Kim, From my observations and keeping up with the literature – – there is no special diet for ALS. Just eat a wide variety of quality, healthy foods. Maintaining weight is a matter of the ability to “eat”… when we can’t swallow or chewing is tiresome then we lose weight due to lack of calories. Then alternate, high nutrition needs to be considered. Also, weight is lost due to disuse atrophy of the body’s muscles. It is easier to sit motionless than practice a daily overall movement routine.

      As far as trendy diets go… the Keto diet seems to severe and restrictive for anyone with ALS. Why put an already stressed body into more stress? But maybe the Wahl’s Protocol could be considered if the patient needs specific guidelines other than “eat healthy.” Here’s a link:

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      john hamilton

      81-year-old me? I focus on calories. Stlll losoing weight. Just can’t get enough calories. Lost about 25% of my 200 lbs. since January. Now, having mostly Progresso soups—some with thickener gel, Ensure strawberry drinks, and Quaker hot cereal—Oh, and lots of high-fat ice cream, and … cheesecake!

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      Kathleen B (Katie)

      Great ideas John—and easy it seems!! I’ve been a lightweight all my life …had high metabolism & ate anything & everything all the time!  From May 2021 diagnosis I was told to be on 2200 calories daily!! That’s ALOTTA food—I have to put out the ‘next thing’ to eat all day!, but I’m not feeling hungry that often, so it’s tough.   I’m nearly 67, and started around 147#…haven’t been under 141 so far, but it’s a daily duty that I’m not totally adjusted to yet.
      but maybe it’s time to eat more desserts between meals & save ‘healthy’ for the ‘official’ mealtimes! 😅

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