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      Ann Thomson

      Today my husband just started not being able to not being able to hold his head up. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions what I can do to help him.

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      Mike Leist

      There’s multiple orthotic braces that are available. The most common that people start with is the headmaster. As his need for support grows, there’s others that provide more support, like the Miami J, or the Minerva brace. If you attend an ALS clinic, the occupational therapist should be able to help you choose which one would work best for his needs.

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      Creighton Rider

      if he is still walking, check out stopheaddrop.com.  For sitting, try Headmaster

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      Suzanne Akerman

      My head started drooping three weeks ago.

      I type at my computer keyboard as my head hangs forward. Need to use my hands to hold my head up. I prefer to type with two hands (two fingers now) otherwise one hand could hold my head while I type with the other.

      I sit at my computer in an office chair with armrests. I have a body pillow I wrap in front of me, tucking the ends along the armests. I rest my elbows on the pillow sides, and push with my hands in the front to force my back and head to lean back.

      I sit in my bed with a Reading Pillow, and my bed pillows, and slouch a bit to lean my head back while I stream shows before I sleep.

      Any number of pillows to raise my arms up while seated, to lean back when I ride in the car.

      I bought the Headmaster Collar from Amazon, delivered five days ago. I have added padding at the chin and collarbones. It hurts me as is. I am thin, no fat padding on my bones, and I don’t know if fat would help. I can wear the collar padded for 15 minutes before the pain begins. I tried walking with the Headmaster Collar on with my rollator. Bad idea. Unnatural position to hold my rollator handles. Cannot talk with that collar on.

      Inflatable neck collars might work. I don’t like things around my neck, so no use to me.

      Power wheelchair in the works. Eye Gaze tablet in the works.

      Best of Luck to you!

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      Here’s a resource: Brand: Headmaster

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