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      Hello Forum Members,

      Please keep in mind that our forum is intended to be supportive and informative. We are not medical professionals and no one should be asking for medical advice, medical opinions or giving medical information.

      We all know, all to well, that the road to ALS is long and usually frustrating. We also know that there are often times misdiagnoses. ALS effects every pALS differently.

      Please be careful what you post in regards to asking for opinions and medical advice. f Additionally, if someone is experience anxiety, frustration, depression, etc. then we strongly encourage you to seek out mental health support. This can be vital regardless if you have ALS or some other ailment or are a caregiver. We are living in a crazy world right now and between ALS, the political environment, COVID and many other factors, taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health.

      We also try to be positive and upbeat whenever possible. Of course when you are dealing with a terminal illness, we also have to be realistic and tackle some difficult topics and questions. We definitely understand that pALS and their loved ones are on an emotional roller coaster, and that is expected. Expressing those challenges is acceptable.

      If you have any questions regarding if a topic is appropriate or not, please reach out to myself or Dagmar. We are always ready to help. Although our experiences with ALS are very different, we are, and have both been dealing with ALS in some form (pALS, caregiver, pre-fALS) for over a decade, going on two 🙂


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