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      Dagmar Munn

      I just got my flu shot today. It was ‘easy-peasy.’

      I went to my local drugstore, filled out the form and waited about 5-minutes in the store’s pharmacy waiting area. The pharmacist even gave me the shot while I was sitting on my mobility scooter! (It’s been four hours now, and my arm doesn’t feel sore at all)

      Are you getting a flu shot this year? Where do you go for it? If you’re not planning on it, why not?

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      I have been getting one for many years.  This year, after getting it, the day after I was quite sick from it, and all week thereafter I did not feel well at all.  I just hope now that I don’t the actual flu!

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      Dagmar Munn

      Kudos for you in having a flu shot every year. I’m sorry you’re feeling ill now – – I’ve heard that the flu season is starting up 2 weeks early this year (Oct. 1st). So, hopefully you only have a “weak bug.” 😉 Hoping you feel better soon.

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      Dagmar Munn

      The MDA just posted this very helpful article on flu prevention (plus additional links): Flu Season Support


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      Refuse to get it.

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      Dorothy Kilcoyne

      Got it, no problems.  At the drug store.
      also got both shingles shots, and last year pneumonia.

      why experience those miseries when you can try to avoid them.


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      Susan Gray

      I get a flu shot every year and have done so this year as well.  I started getting the flu vaccine when I worked in the school system.  I usually get it at the pharmacy, but got it done this year during my yearly physical.

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      Jonathan L Maddock

      Yes, I have. I always have, for as long as my 64 years that I can remember.

      The last time I had the flu was so long ago (decades!), that I truly don’t remember the specific event.



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      Bob Meyer

      I got mine at our Walgreens. Work provided it every year in the past.

      Tried to get a pneumonia shot at Walgreens and they refused to give to me because of ALS and/or my age of 54. Tried both a regular Walgreens and one with a SSM clinic inside.

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      Cyndi Zach

      Bob, while you are not in the recommended age group for the pneumonia vaccine, you do qualify with an underlying medical condition.  Walgreens would not be able to make this determination; however your primary care provider or your local health department can.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Bob, I agree with Cyndi in that Walgreen’s can deny you due to you being under the age requirement. However, having ALS puts us all in the high-risk category. So, if you still want the pneumonia shot, ask you physician to write an order/prescription for it. You just show it to the folks at Walgreen’s.

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      Diana Belland

      My husband and I finally got our flu shots on December 23 at The Little Clinic at our local Kroger grocery store.  It was easy and quick—no waiting time at all as there might have been had we chosen to get them at our physician’s offices.

      I experienced very mild soreness for a day or two at the inoculation site but no other symptoms.   It was the same for my husband.  Next year, we’ll get our flu shots earlier, though!

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      I got my flu shot in October, but I just got my Shingles shot today!!

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      Dagmar Munn

      Bravo Amanda!

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      Pat Knight

      Hi everyone,  yes I got my flu shot I have for the last few years. I know it’s not certain but I heard that even If I get the flu it helps with the side effects.

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      Mike Kilmade

      Got the flu shot a few weeks ago. Arm was a little sore for a day or two but that’s usual.

      My wife and I are having a tough time finding a place that has the Shingrix vaccine. No one currently has it stock. We live in upstate New York.

      Got the PCV13/PPSV23 sequence starting in 2017.

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      Dagmar Munn

      High five with you Mike! 🙂

      Yes, the shingles vaccine is tough to find – – for all of us!

      BTW: your doggy looks sweet 😉 What’s his/her name?

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