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        Hope everyone is well, I know personally how challenging ALS can be! Wanted to leave you a link regarding mycotoxins, within the link there will be 4 sublinks in black. Best to start the earliest sublink and move toward to the most recent article. This topic has been brought up before and mycotoxins/fungus need to be taken serious as a probable cause of ALS. Urine/blood testing should show if deadly mycotoxins are in pALS bodies. Maybe there have been research Trials with antimicrobials on pALS, I could have missed reading about those. Again hope everyone is well and stay strong, please read the 4 articles/sublinks, Dr. William Reid has done some very intriguing work!


        Wish you all the Best, Jim


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          Added thoughts, football/soccer players have higher rates of ALS: close contact with mycotoxins in soil fields. Higher levels of ALS with military personnel: biological/fungal weapons were used in Iraq. As far as living far from a waterway and still getting ALS, whole colonies of bacteria/fungi can travel within air currents. Again I’m not particularly saying fungus is the only cause of ALS, what I’m saying is it could be a cause and drugs trials need to be performed ASAP!

          All the Best, Jim

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          Dagmar Munn

            The article is an interesting one… but I don’t support the author’s argument that ALS is caused by a fungus in our nasal passages. Also, he should discern that he is writing about sporadic ALS, not genetic ALS.

            ALS symptoms mimic many other conditions… such as Lyme Disease and others. The author believes ALS is caused by environmental exposure and this does not account for the ALS patients found worldwide (we all don’t have the same environmental exposure to toxins) and that sporadic ALS affects one family member and not others in the same family.

            Unfortunately, I have read similar versions of this same theory 12 years ago when I was newly diagnosed, and, these theories have either been discounted or never studied further than the initial premise.

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              During my ALS diagnosis which consisted of two EMG’s, two MRI’s and a blood test for diabetes, the neurologist never mentioned a blood test for pathogens, the doctor did state you probably have Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which there is no known cause, no cure and only limited treatment options. Wanted to know if anybody got tested by blood/urine/lumbar puncture for bacteria/fungus during their diagnosis? This topic of bacteria/fungus has been going on for too long, we need to start testing and possibly start Trials with antimicrobials.

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