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      Dagmar Munn

        The risk of getting shingles increases as you get older (1 in 3 people in the US), and the CDC recommends adults 50 years of age or older get the shingles vaccine. The vaccine is recommended whether or not you recall having chicken pox (which is caused by the same virus as shingles). And most neurologists recommend it for their patients who live with ALS.

        I signed up to get a shingles shot – – two years ago! That’s how long I had to wait for my name to come up on the list. The combination of so many people wanting the shot and a limited supply of vaccine caused the nationwide backlog. So, when my local drugstore called to say the vaccine came in – – I hustled down and got the shot.

        Was it worth it? We’ll see. I need to go back in two months for the required second dose. Ten years ago, my husband had a full-on case of shingles and watching him deal with the pain and discomfort convinced me I wanted no part of shingles! Reaction? Not much. Just a little soreness at the injection site and one day of mild overall joint pain.

        Have you had (or plan to have) your shingles shot? Let us know what you think about this health issue for ALS patients.

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        Jonathan L Maddock

          Yes, I have! I can think of no good reason not to.



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          Susan Gray

            I have had the first dose of the shingles vaccine and was planning on getting the second dose soon (my two month wait is over).  But I recently got the tetanus vaccine (it was overdue) and was told by my PCP I should wait 30 days before going ahead with the shingles due to both vaccines being very strong.  She wanted to give my body time to assimilate  the tetanus vaccine.  So now I’m waiting till the end of December.

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            Dagmar Munn

              I can relate Susan 🙂 Suddenly, vaccine injection scheduling becomes “one more thing” to juggle. But, hooray for you in taking care of yourself and staying on course!

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              Dorothy Kilcoyne

                The availability is a mystery.  I got my first one at an Osco drug store, the only pharmacy in the area that had any doses.
                When it came time for my second shot, my local CVS had none and had no idea when they would receive their next tiny allotment.  After phoning around, I found that the Walgreens 100 yards away from CVS had more than plenty!
                No significant reaction to either one, a little itchy, a little tenderness.

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                John Russell

                  My wife & I got shingles shots about 10 yrs ago. I understand that vaccine wasn’t any good. Dr.s we see haven’t presented information about the new shot & booster & I guess we haven’t asked. I’m somewhat paranoid about vaccines that involve the nervous system.

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                  Dagmar Munn

                    ha ha Dorothy…. it almost seems like shingles vaccine is ripe to evolve into a black market 🙂

                    I can imagine pulling into the drugstore parking lot, a shadowy figure approaches…. he  whispers, “ya wanna buy a shingles shot?”


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                    Paul Tavano

                      Just got mine yesterday.

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                        I had the Zostervax years ago, and had the two Shingrix shots about a year ago. I have read that the Shingrix is very effective.

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                        Kathy stitz

                          I am younger than 50 so I haven’t had the shingles vaccine.  I think it’s important to get it though if you are over 50 so I ‘m happy to hear that others who have replied have done so.

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                            I haven’t but wonder if I should. My dermatologist downplayed it for some reason.

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                            Dagmar Munn

                              Here’s an update – – I had my 2nd shingles shot in September. My first one was in January and I was scheduled to go back for the 2nd in March. ……well, we all know how March turned out!

                              So I held off all through the summer. Finally, when I had my flu shot in early September, I went back 2 weeks later for my 2nd shingles shot. Another sore arm for a day or two, but not much else.

                              At least now I feel relief that I’m protected from flu and shingles. Just have to wait out the months till the COVID vaccine is available to the general public.

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                              Paul Tavano

                                Yes I got my second shot about 2 months ago. I had a little bit of a fever the day after but otherwise not an issue.

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