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      Glen North

      I’m considering going to Korea for stem cell treatment.  Currently it is the only approved stem cell treatment in the world for ALS.  I would be interested if anyone has any experience with this treatment.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Glen – – A couple of questions for you: What exactly are they promising the treatment will do? And who has “approved” it? How many times do you have to go back?

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      Glen North

      Hi Dagmar,

      They aren’t making any promises, the best hope is that it slows progression somewhat.  It is not a cure.  It is approved by the Korean FDA, and they are undergoing approval in Europe.

      I will have to return twice after my initial visit.  They have just got approval to freeze the stem cells, so they will only have to extract once.

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      Dagmar Munn

      What I understand about stem cell therapy (other members feel free to chime in and correct me) is that the stem cells grow into generic neuron cells. These are put back into your body, and, these neurons “support” your existing neurons and motor-neurons ( or whatever you have left following onset of ALS). You are not getting new motor-neurons – – only a fresh supply of generic neurons.

      So I wonder how this claims to slow progression (ie., loss of more motor-neurons)?

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      Glen, please keep us posted!!!

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      Glen North


      These stem cells are extracted from the spinal cord no our fat.  In layman’s term the stem cells have the ability to have an anti-inflammatory effect an neuro-protective qualities.  Here is a link to Coretem’s site.

      It”s certainly not a cure, but may be a way to extend your time.

      btw, i certainly wouldn’t consider any other type of stem cell treatment….other than  NurOwn, but that is still in Phase 3 trials.

      Brett – I’ll definitely keep you posted.  I”m planning to go in October.

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      Ahmed Hassan

      Glen, please keep us posted

      I am exploring the opportunity to send my brother who have ALS to Korea for the same treatment.

      please let us know your experience


      Many thanks

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      Glen North

      Hello Ahmed,

      I didn’t actually go to Korea due to the fact they closed their plant for an FDA inspection.  I then opted for my second choice which was Sential in Mexico.  I received 360 million stem cells  via the carotid artery, unfortunately I haven’t noticed anything.   I am now planning a trip to China where i’ll receive neuronal  stem cells along with other treatment  over 14 days.  I’ll  keep you posted.  All the best to your brother.




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      Ahmed Hassan

      Many thanks Glen for your kind reply

      Are you going to WMC ?
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      Glen North


      Yes, i’m going to WMC, just waiting for the Corona epidemic to pass.

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      Romolo Pallini


      I have been to Korea 4 Times in the last 12 months.

      I did not notice any change on the pace of disease progression.

      in Seoul a meet an American doctor with ALS, he went 3 times with good visible results.

      so……hard to say if treatment helps or not.

      cost is about 40K each injection + travel.

      procedure is not to painful , but annoying as you have to stay flat 6h after each procedure.

      1st trip bone marrow extraction . after 6 hours flat.

      2nd trip.: day one spinal fluid extraction. after 6 hours flat.

      day 2 Stem Cells ( mixed with spinal fluid) injections . again 6 hours flat. this procedure may result in Flu like symptoms.

      No sure I will do one more injection as I don’t see good results. but we all react to treatments in different ways.

      good luck, and contact me for more details.


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      Ahmed Hassan

      HI Romolo,

      would you put me in touch with American doctor with ALS you met in Korea and he went 3 times with good visible results.

      i am planning for a my brother use of Neoronata-R and i am after positive feedback if any.


      Many thanks


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      Romolo Pallini

      Hi Ahmed,

      unfortunately I don’t have his contact info.


      for Neoronata-r where would you get the treatment done?

      in Korea is a different one, similar but not the same.

      all the best Romolo

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      Ahmed Hassan

      Dear Romolo,

      in Korea , we plan to visit Cell Therapy Center, Hanyang Univ. Medical Center for Neoronata-r therapy


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      Romolo Pallini

      I have been there 4 times. Not sure I did see any results.

      they are very efficient and professional. Unfortunately in my case I can’t say I did help.


      still given we have no many other therapies available, we have to try all possible ones

      all the best

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello everyone</p>
      I took my mother , 70 years old, last February to Ukrainian stemm cell centre.

      They claimed she will notice some improvement and the progression will be sslow. She has bulbar ALS affecting her speech and swallowing  mainly.

      Unfortunately,  after 3 months of the stem cell, we did not notice any improvement and her speech is deteriorating.


      We are trying to find any proper way of communication, she can not read or write ,so it is more difficult for her and for us.

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      Romolo Pallini

      Hi Fatima,

      does your mother use Neudexta? It really helps my speech.

      is expensive, but on the Neudexta website you may find a coupon.

      is worth to try.

      all the best

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      3 times /2 shots in May – June 2018

      I didn’t see any results

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