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      Dagmar Munn

      While we all wait for a vaccine against the COVID virus, there are other illnesses we need to be avoiding – – like the seasonal flu. Are you getting a flu shot this year? Where do you go for it? If you’re not planning on it, why not?

      In this week’s column, I write about my decision to get my flu shot early this year, and I pay tribute to a dear friend who recently passed.

      “Going with My Gut”

      So, are you getting a flu shot? How about shingles and pneumonia? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.




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      Yes already got flu and pneumonia shots for myself and wife. We always get them and never get the flu. Don’t get shingles shot but really can’t give a reason why not.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Bravo Bill! 🙂

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      I am always encouraged to get the flu shot but I seldom do. Prior to my diagnosis I always got the age appropriate health screenings ( mammogram/ colonoscopy, bone density) but I’ve always been reluctant to get vaccines.  I really am on the fence this year.

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      Dee Hagen

      We’ll be getting our flu shots, and maybe pneumonia immunizations too. We have gotten flu shots for over 30 years and swear by them. We’ve also gotten shingles shots after seeing several members of our friends and family suffer with the shingles. I’ve gotten the Shingrix but Steve had the original shingles shot several years ago and doesn’t plan to get the Shingrix vaccine. We’re pro-vaccine. We just don’t want to risk any of those afflictions if we can avoid them.

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      Christine Moretti

      Two weeks ago, my husband and I went to our local CVS and got our flu shots. As I turned 65 in May this year, I got the first of my two pneumonia shots. Now all we need is that COVID vaccine(s) to be available ?!

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      Chris Koch

      I’ll be getting a flu shot shortly. I have only missed getting it twice in 30+ years. The two years that I missed getting it, I ended up in the hospital with the flu for almost a week each time – and that was when I was young and healthy!

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      Dennis Fossenier

      My wife and I will be getting the flu shots and pneumonia shots again this year as we have in the past.  I had a couple of bouts with Pneumonia a few years ago and don’t need that now.  Also last fall we got the Shingrix shingles shots after my wife got rid of the shingles she suffered through in the spring of 2019.  She never wanted to go through that again.

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      Yep! Every year. One year I forgot and got the actual flu. I never want the full-blown flu ever again. I was in so much pain. That was a few years ago. Now that I have PLS, I definitely don’t need it!

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      I definitely will be getting the flu shot this year!  I usually do, but this year I think it is even more important than other years.  I hope that all of our community members are spared the flu this season!

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      Robert Foxwell

      I have never received a flu shot, and have never had the flu and I rarely get the common cold. I have already declined all three recently, but I’m reconsidering that decision. I have an upcoming visit at the ALS Clinic and will discuss all 3 with my neurologist.

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      Marianne Opilla

      I just got the Flu shot, and will get shingles net month.  Have had the pneumonia one.

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      I have always gotten a flu shot. Hope to get a nurse to come give me one since getting around is so difficult. But she said won’t have till October. I usually just walked over to my local CVS. Got pneumonia and shingles at 65. Just got the new shingles at my Dr. but have to get 2nd one in October also. They come in twos.

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      Jonathan L Maddock

      Yes! I always do.

      I had mine yesterday.


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      Fern Cohen

      I get the flu shot every year, way before I got ALS.  Sometimes I get a flu strain anyway, often not.  CVS close to my home has been out of the vaccine for 55+ but as soon as they get it, I will be in there. I think it’s important for anyone with a chronic disease, and certainly anyone with respiratory issues, to get the vaccine.

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      Kathy stitz

      I get a flu shot every year.  This year I got it in August.   I get it at Target because they give you a $5 certificate for Target if you get it there.  Where I live, they do this.  I don’t know if they do in every state.  I also recently got a pneumonia and tetanus shot.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Good for you, Kathy 🙂 Well-prepared!

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