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      Good morning pALS!  Lets do a pALS check in. Our world is filled with negative acts and thoughts these days. Let’s check in and say something we are happy about or grateful for!  I know ALS is terrible and the future looks grim for pALS, but lets practices some mindfulness, close your eyes and think about all that is good in your life ….What are you grateful for today?

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      Today I am grateful for the people around me that share themselves with me. Day after day we get so used to others and just wall ourselves into that little corner like a security blanket. It is a blessing to have friends and family around you to support you. It is also a blessing to have pets. My 2 Beagles are named Lucky and Gypsy. No matter how bad my day is, I can count on both of them to show unconditional love to me. And they like me to scratch their bellies and backs, it helps.

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        Louise Turgeon

        I am grateful for my family and very good friends. I am well cared for at my ALS clinic and my neighborhood clinic. Many thanks to the people involved.

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      First, I’m grateful for my caregiver, and other caregivers.  Second, I’m grateful for my alert and sharp mind. Lastly, I’m grateful for what I can still do for myself.

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      I am grateful that I have not lost the ability to communicate, walk or take care of my personal needs. I’m also thankful that I am able to continue driving at this time.  I thank God daily for things being as well as they are!

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      Kathy stitz

      I’m grateful for my mother.  She has been helping me every day.  I’m grateful to be able to spend time with family and friends.   I’m grateful that I’m still able to walk and drive.   Last but not least, I’m grateful to be able to communicate with all of you.  Thank you so much for all of your help and support!

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      Dutch Root

      Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. I am grateful for my loving wife and family who support me through this most challenging event event in my life. While my wife, is my primary caregiver, I also have caregivers who come to our home to give my wife a break. They are awesome and I am very grateful for them. I’m also grateful we have good medical insurance in addition to Medicare. The ALS Association , Texas Chapter, has been an amazing support.

      My toughest struggles are with mindset and attitude. I still have my us and downs. Every time I lose some functionality, I have to regroup mentally to keep up this fight. I’ve started journaling including things I am grateful for. I believe I have ALS for a reason. I continue to search for that higher purpose.

      I’m hoping this forum will help to clarify my purpose and minimize the anger, despair, and helplessness that I feel at times. Just being honest.


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        Dutch, I think your ups and downs are understandable and normal.  Adjusting to big change after big change can be exhausting and cause all kinds of emotions.  Try to focus on what you have to be grateful for, but also be kind to yourself.  Please know that you have a support system here in the forums.  We have a great group of people and a wealth of knowledge!


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      Hi Dutch,

      Welcome to the forums!

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      Lisa Bonahoom

      I am grateful for birdsong and sunlight!  I am grateful for the love of my family, and for dear friends. I thank God and medicine that I can still move!!

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      Suzanne Gallo

      I am grateful that my PALS and I celebrated 32 years of marriage today, June 10. We took an overnight trip to Cape May, NJ. We stayed at the Chalfonte Hotel, the oldest, continuously operating hotel in Cape May- America’s first seaside resort. Our room was handicapped accessible. We brought along the Hawk electric wheelchair, and enjoyed walking/rolling through the town, and along the boardwalk. Some folks just look away when they see someone cruising along in an electric wheelchair, but we did engage in some fun, and some meaningful conversation with folks asking about why Michael, who, for all intensive appearances, appears “normal”- is in a spiffy, neon yellow, compact, silent wheelchair. My next thing to do, is to get an “I Am ALS” tee shirt, and fit it over the back of the wheelchair. That will be a conversation starter!
      When we got back to our house, (about a 2 hour easy scenic drive), our daughters had put up Happy Anniversary banners, set out tons of photos of Michael and I through the years, and baked us a cake!!
      As a CALS, and wife who remains wildly in love with her PALS, I am so grateful we are having this special day!

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      I’m thankful for the life I have had and try to take each day at a time. I am grateful for the abilities I have today, for my husband, my family, my support system and above all for my faith that sustains me.

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      Kathy stitz

      Dutch, welcome to the forums.  Thank you for your honesty.  Your feelings are normal and justified for what you are going through.   I’m sure you will find that the participants on these forums are kind and caring and willing to help and support each other.  Like you said, having ALS is extremely challenging both mentally and physically.   Take care and best wishes to you.




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      Kerry Penn

      I am so very grateful for my husband who is my caregiver. I’m grateful that he is so supportive of my love of photography. I am so grateful that he continues to take me to places where I can get my photography fix. And I’m grateful that I’m still able to do what I love.

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