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      pALS and caregivers, do you plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine?  What are your thoughts to the pros and cons?

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      Dagmar Munn

      I for one, am looking forward to getting the vaccine. I trust the clinical trial process and the follow-up evaluation of the data. Look, there are already 10,000+ people walking around who had the injections as part of the study – – they are currently immune and have not reported dire side effects.

      I just hope that there will be enough quality vaccine for all – – and nobody does anything during this period of inoculation to disrupt the system. I’m looking forward to being able to go out again.

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      Carolyn Barry

      I definitely plan on getting the vaccine. I just hope that us pALS and our caregivers can be given it relatively soon.  I’m anxious to find out how and where we can get it, as I read that many different places will have it.  I too feel it will be safe, because of what has been stated so far, from those having had the vaccine already.

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      John Wagner

      I definitely plan on receiving the vaccine, and hope that my wife (caregiver) will also.  Any short-lived discomfort from some the reported side effects appear to be minor compared to actually having the COVID-19 virus.

      Fr. John

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      Chris Koch

      Both myself and husband plan on getting the vaccine ASAP. The fact that I have ALS and there is no cure and treatment options are limited and not always effective makes me more afraid for my life than getting a vaccine which may cause some discomfort but will allow me again to see family.

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      Paul Tavano

      I absolutely plan to get the vaccine. Time is not on our side when it comes to those of us with ALS. I want the opportunity to travel freely, gather with family and friends and do normal day to day things without the fear of Covid. I’m not sure where ALS will fall in the ranking of who will get the vaccine when but I will get it as soon as I’m eligible.

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      Absolutely the right decision for me, my pALS husband and our daughter who we’ve only seen twice(she lives out of state) since his diagnosis in Jan. We’re also encouraging our extended family and friends to get vaccinated as they are important hands-on support for both of us. ALS can be isolating enough and then COVID made it that much more so. And from what I know about side effects it is well tolerated. I’m trusting the science in this one and advice from family friend Jim Baker MD an immunologist and brilliant doc who studied under Dr Fauci—Baker writes extensively about Covid science at something you might want to check out. So yes-after seeing my sister and niece suffer through Covid for months there’s no doubt about getting the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA version).

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      Kathy stitz

      I plan to get the coronavirus vaccine but have already read about wealthy people in California, like CEO’s and celebrities, who are trying to pay large sums of money, as much as $25,000, to doctor’s offices and hospitals in order to try to get the vaccine first.

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        Dagmar Munn

        Kathy – – there will always be rumors and misinformation from various media sources about the vaccine. Consider the source before you believe any “they say…” rumor. I always check out who exactly “they” are.

        Besides, with the vaccinations in the world’s spotlight, no celebrity or CEO would want the fallout from negative PR that they pushed themselves forward in the line. And the same goes for the medical entity found to be accepting such a bribe. No… many eyes around the world are scrutinizing every shipment and injection.

        Trust in the science and trust & support the process 🙂

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      Kathy stitz

      I believe that there are people who are trying to do this but will not be allowed to do so.  In every aspect of life, people are always trying to get away with doing things that are wrong or things that are scamming other people, etc.  This does not surprise me.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Yup, Kathy…unfortunately there are those who will seriously think it can be done – – but again, I believe that there are too many eyes watching the process to let it happen.

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      Jonathan L Maddock


      Yes, yes yes. Yes.




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      Hell yes! My husband, too.

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      Asbjørn Jensen

      We take it as soon as possible.

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      Kerry Penn

      I plan to get the vaccine as soon as I can. My husband/caregiver plans to as well.

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      Chuck Kroeger

      My doctor suggested getting the vaccine indicating potential side effects would be less harmful to me than getting the covid.

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      Michael L.

      My wife and I are getting it as soon as it is offered!

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      Definitely yes for me.

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      Eric Kentor

      I am definitely up for the vaccine ASAP.  I have been unable to get any reliable information as to whether ALS patients will have high priority for receiving the vaccine.  Is there any good information out there?  Thanks all.

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      The COVID-19 mutated 1000 time .the new virus from UK is 70% more contagious , and today the new COVID-19 from Africa  is above 70% contagious. currently AstraZeneca and Pfizer conducting a new test with the current vaccine.

      A new data show people with allergy symptoms should be more cautious to the vaccine.

      From 200 million doses in 165 counties. 3000 had a reaction.

      Me as caregiver for my wife who have ALS,

      I will wait to see the reaction ,and how the vaccine is affected by new strength  COVID-19 .

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      Tom Hehir

      I definitely plan to get it as soon as possible and hope my partner can as well.


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      Dee Hagen

      Yes indeed! Steve will get it asap and I hope they’ll consider spouses/caregivers at the same time. Fingers crossed.

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      Kathy stitz

      I just got the coronavirus vaccine today, the Moderna one.  I go back for the second one in 28 days, on February 1st.  I was kind of afraid to get it, to be honest, but it went ok and didn’t hurt.  I encourage everyone to get the vaccine when they are eligible to get it.

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        Dagmar Munn

        Congratulations Kathy! That is good news. Hopefully, more members will be reporting in with the same good news 🙂

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      Kathy stitz

      My mother and I went together and both got the vaccine yesterday.   She works at a hospital and I was a volunteer at the same hospital before the coronavirus pandemic happened so we were both able to get it now.  I hope that our other members will be able to get the vaccine soon.  People just need to watch out for side effects and call their doctor if they have side effects that bother them or do not go away.  They give everyone a fact sheet that includes the possible side effects as well as a vaccination card where they write which shot you got ( Moderna or Pfizer), the date and location where you got it, and the date and time to go back for the second shot.

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