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      Dagmar Munn

      My husband just received a notice from the VA that at the end of January they will be offering the 4th Moderna vaccine shot to VA members and spouses.

      When I researched information about recommendations for a 4th “booster” I read mixed opinions. Some recommend it for immunocompromised people, others say wait for a vaccine targeting omicron (maybe 6 months out).

      What are you hearing in the ALS community about this?

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      Neil Meyrick

      you’re ahead of the UK there…  no 4th jab announced yet.

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        John Addy

        I am in a clinical study and can not do anything without checking with my study coordinator

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      Richard Maloon

      if offered absolutely. i pick science over voodoo


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      John Watson

      A 4th Covid shot or booster is being recommended in Israel for those over 60.

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      Klara Weis

      Dagmar, no notices here in St. Louis yet. But, on another note would you be willing to share your protocol to not lose your voice. My son was diagnosed 2019 and is starting to lose voice and I remember you told what you did a while ago.Some exercises. I should have written it down. Klara Weis

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        Dagmar Munn

        Klara, I would be happy to share what I’ve been doing to help keep me talking 😀 Rather than post my reply here in this discussion thread, I will gather ALL my information and links and start a new topic in the Living with ALS forum. (I’ll do that tomorrow, on Saturday) That way, more folks can read it and benefit 🙂

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      Jim Conner

      NOPE. I got the original shots a year ago, had Covid year and a half ago. I may have had it since, who knows. Call it voodoo or whatever, my wife got an auto immune disease soon after she got the shot with me. A number of people on a Mayo Clinic site stated the same. Gonna live with it as we do with other contagious diseases.

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      My neurologist recommended that I get 2nd booster because he considers me immunocompromised.I’m also over 65. My husband and I both got 2nd booster two weeks ago. Our arms were sore for a couple of days and we were more tired than usual the next day but that was all.

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      Len Jax

      We got notice the second booster was available here in St. Louis and have an appointment to get it on May 2.  I had Covid before the vaccine was available, had all of the shots since they came out, and have had no issues with any of them.

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